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Support Wesley by shopping at Kroger!

*Must renew every January

Please check out this information and help spread the word about a simple way you can help raise money for ministry at Wesley Foundation.  By registering your Kroger Plus Card to support Wesley Foundation at Mississippi State, you can earn a percentage of every Kroger purchase to support our ministry. It works everywhere in Mississippi and Arkansas and in west Tennessee, including Memphis but not as far east as Nashville.  [Here's the answer to the most common question about the deal: It does NOT affect your fuel discount!]  A percentage of every purchase will add up to significant money for ministry at Wesley Foundation!  Once you register, it goes until January so every January you must renew your registration.  

Would you do two things?
1/  If you or your family shops at Kroger, please register your Kroger Plus Card by following the instructions below. It'll take only a couple of minutes. 
2/  Please spread the word to friends and family members in Mississippi, Arkansas, and western Tennessee.  Tell all the Maroon Methodists you know about this project, as these folks might be especially inspired to help us.  

•    Go to to register.
•    Click on sign in (if you already have a Kroger account) or create an online account to get started. (This online account is different from having a Kroger Card).
•    Fill out the sign in information with your email address and a password.  Then enter your zip code and click find to select your preferred store location.
•    Do you have a Kroger Plus Card or an alternate id#, such as your phone number? Fill in your Kroger Plus Card number or your alternate id#  and your last name.  Click save.  [If you don't have a Kroger Card, you'll find instructions on how to get one.]  
•    Click on my account at the top right.
•    Click on Kroger Community Rewards at the bottom of the page.
•    Enter Wesley Foundation’s NPO Number:  39449.
•    Select MSU Wesley Foundation and click confirm.

Now you're ready to go shopping!  Remember you must swipe your Kroger Card or provide your alternate id # in order to earn a percentage of each purchase for Wesley Foundation.  Thanks!

**Renew every January.  

$3,000 was given in 2016.

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