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What is Wesley?

Wesley is the campus ministry of the United Methodist Church who is open to all students from all backgrounds.  Wesley Foundation at Mississippi State University nurtures Christian disciples during the crucial college years by offering students opportunities for worship, study, missions, leadership, community, and support.  


When does Wesley meet?

Wesley's main Bible Study and Worship is called Insight.  Insight happens every Tuesday night during the school year from 8-9 p.m. in Wesley's Worship Center.  You can expect fellowship, home made snacks, music, prayer, teaching, and so much more.


Does Wesley have other Bible studies besides Insight?

Yes!  Growth Groups are Wesley's version of small group Bible studies.  We believe in what Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so we sharpen each other" to be true.  Growth Groups are opportunties to take your faith further into small group discussions, community, accountability and prayer.  Different groups happen during each semester.  Join a group today!  For more information, click here: Growth Groups


Does Wesley go on any mission trips?


Yes!  We believe that as we are going we should make disciples of all men.  Locally, we have mission groups known as PODs, which are a group of students who are practicing outward discipleship by serving together to meet a need.  We have several different PODs that you can get involved in.  Some PODs meet regularly to meet a need, while others meet to fulfil a specific need at a specific time. To take a look at our PODs from last year, check them out here: PODs.  Regionally, we have built relationships with The Methodist Children's Home in Jackson, MS, and Urban Farms, SOS, Carpenter Art Garden, and the Refugee Empowerment Program in Memphis, TN.  Through out the school year, Wesley provides opporutnities to go to these places as well as many others for weekend mission trips and more.  Globally, we partner with the Methodist Rafiki Village in Ghana, Africa, and have committed to sending groups over to help as long as their are needs.  We're open to learning about more ways we can love people locally, regionally, and globally.



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