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Why Wesley?

At the beginning of my freshman year of college, I immediately got involved with the Wesley Foundation at Itawamba Community College.  The weekly worship services were completely different than what I was used to at my home church and I loved it.  I established a group of friends within the Wesley and we walked through two solid years of life together at the ICC Wesley.  Since transferring to State, I have experienced God in mighty ways!  It was amazing to walk in to MSU Wesley and instantly feel at home.  I've had the opportunity to walk deeper into relationship with God and within a new community.  I was blessed to have amazing people pouring into my life and vice versa.  My relationship with God has for sure taken deeper roots during my time at State.  I have greater urgency to share my faith with others and to be a light for Jesus on our campus.  My relationship with God would not be the same without the Wesley teaching me what it means to be in a relationship with our Father.

- Jamie, Senior

The Wesley Foundation has given me some of my best friends from the beginning of the school year.  Through meeting these life-giving peers and mentors, I have been challeneged in ways that I never have been before and have come to understand better what it means and looks like to be a follower of Jesus.  The Wesley has also grown me in my Bible reading discipleine and has tought me how to reach out to new people through INsight.  If it weren't for Wesley, I woulnd't be part of the groups I am in and I wouldn't have been challenged as much as I have been these past two semesters.  

-Lilli, Sophomore

After moving to MSU, I tried out several campus ministries.  When I was brought into the Wesley, the first thing I noticed was how welcoming and diverse it was.  The Wesley has helped me branch out of my comfort zone and talk to everyone from all walks of life and welcome them with open arms int he same way Christ would. 

-Sarah, Senior

After having one of the most traumatic experiences of my life the summer before coming to Mississippi State, I had no clue where God was.  I was terrified about coming, but I knew from the tart that I was interested in coming to Wesley.  I came to the Dawg Daze events, and although it was VERY tough at first, I quickly found a home here.  Those first few weeks truly showed me that God truly multiplies our efforts.  I simply showed up to events, and other people (well, Christ in them) did the  rest of the work.  At Wesley, I have grown in Biblical knowledge and I have become more passionate about pursuing God though my fellowship with countless people at the Wesley.  I have also gained invaluable leadership experience serving on LT, leading a POD, playing in the band, and leading the transfer group.  All in all, when I say that my time at the Wesley has been life-changing, I don't mean that lightly.  

-Graham, Senior

Before college, my faith was really rocky.  I didn't really understand what my own faith was or what authentic faith felt like.  I was really good at pretending to have faith rather than actually having it.  Once I joined the Wesley, I was quickly surrounded by people who had great faith and were/are really strong Christians.  It was the first time in my life where people actually cared about me having faith rather than having the right ansers.  My faith has changed and grown so much since joining the Wesle.  My faith is finially my faith not my parents or the churhces.  Also, I finally feel connnected to God and like I have a relationship with him.  NEver before in my life have I ever had this much faith or been this connected to God. 

- Aimee, Junior

My faith has become my own since coming to college.  At Wesley, I have found a place where I am surrouned by people who share my faith and I am encouraged to study the Bible and pursue my own relationship with God on a daily basis.  Wesley has been thatp lace where I go to take responsibility and joy in learning how to apply my faith to my life, as well as the place where I am learning to share my faith with others.

-Jacob, Junior

Wesley has played a huge role in my discipleship through colllege thus far.  Teachings through reFRESH and Insight have challenged me in what I believe and broadened my persepective, and the Lord has revealed much of what was previously mentioned through such situations.  The community at Wesley has been a big part of my growth thus far as well -- it's a group ofpeople that love the Lord, love each other, and simply have a  fire in their eye.  This has truly been a  blessing to be part of. 

-Ryan, Junior

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